Test scores on the rise at H-F schools

August 25, 2017

Curriculum Coordinator Amy Grice told the Hinckley-Finlayson school board the results of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) testing at the high school at its regular meeting last Monday in Finlayson. She explained the state has a new growth model that shows where the school is in meeting standards and where students are in meeting growth expectations.


“We are continuing to gain,” said Grice. “Fifty percent of students are making the growth that we need them to make to get to standards.”


She explained to the board that doesn’t mean the other 50 percent aren’t growing, just that they haven’t hit their target growth yet. She gave an example: If the student’s growth target was eight points and they improved only four points it wouldn’t show they have hit their growth target, but they are still improving.


The scores in reading have improved 10 percent in 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th grades.


In math, scores “are not where we want them to be” but the students are still getting the growth.


“We know the proficiency isn’t where we want it to be,” said Grice, “but we also know that we have to get them to understand at a very foundational level so that the learning is everlasting. We are not preparing them for a test, we are preparing them for life.”


Property sale


Superintendent Rob Prater asked the board for authority to sign a contract regarding the sale of the house and garage located at 301 Brennan Ave. S. in Hinckley (near Flagstad Field) and also a two-acre plot of land in Munch Township. Tim Davis and Bill Randall have bid $500 for the house and garage. This would include all the costs of moving the buildings, disconnecting electric and gas, and capping the water and sewer. The district would still be responsible for filling in the basement. Prater said he received a quote from Rabe Construction for $2,260 to fill in half the basement.


The other property in this offer is in Munch Township. The offer for that property is $200, according to Prater the district has been trying to sell that property for 15 years.


This will set up the district to get the Brennan Avenue property turned into a parking lot, concession area, bathroom and storage. It also saves the district the cost of tearing down the two buildings, which could run $6-8,000. Authority was granted to Prater by the board.

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