Legion donates flagpole

October 13, 2017



Thanks to a generous donation to Hinckley American Legion Post 388 by long time American Legion member Don Opsahl and his wife Lucy, the Hinckley Elementary School has a new flagpole and flag for their athletic field.


Hinckley American Legion Commander John Rostberg said veterans of the Hinckley Post voted to use the donation as a means of fulfilling a request from the school for a new flagpole.


At a ceremony jointly sponsored by the school and the Hinckley American Legion, students helped raise the flag, and in unison, over 500 students, teachers and staff recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


Commander Rostberg said, "It was heartwarming to observe a sea of young faces looking up at the flag and saying the pledge."


Rostberg singled out Principal Jeff Wilson, Dean of Students Neil Schiller, Chief Custodian Joe Frantz and Administrative Assistant Carol Bostrom for their help in coordinating the event.

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