H-F facilities committee meets for first time

January 26, 2018

On Wednesday, January 17, the newly-formed Hinckley-Finlayson School Facilities Committee met for the first time to discuss the district’s future construction projects which will include new and upgraded classroom spaces, a gym and fitness center. These projects were approved by voters during the November 7 referendum vote.


Superintendent Rob Prater explained the process to the committee members. Ideas will start with the larger group, then will be funneled to the leadership committee, which will consist of the two board members, the admin team and the consultants. It will then go to the board, who will make the final decision.


Brandon Kellermann, the Project Director from ICS (formerly Foster, Jacobs and Johnson), explained the timeline. He said the design phase of the project consists of three major stages: schematic design, design development and the construction document stage.


The schematic design stage includes identifying the “box” spaces - where offices, community education rooms, etc. will be located. Kellermann explained these are the boxes that take up space on the map. They won’t contain the details of what will go in the box yet. This stage is scheduled to end in early February. 


The design development phase includes putting the details into the spaces identified in the schematic stage. This will include getting input from the people using the spaces. This stage is expected to be done by mid-March.


The final design stage is the construction document stage. During this phase, the contractor looks at all the design requirements and assures the board they can complete the project with the blueprints that were provided. This phase will bring them to mid-April.


Once these phases are complete and the board has approved the plans, they will send everything out for bid. The plan is to have bids back sometime at the beginning of May.


The next step is to submit everything to the state, where they will review and make sure the design team and code officials are on the same page and issue the needed permits. 


“It’s a lengthy process,” Kellermann said. “It takes us out of commission for major construction for the summer months.” Some projects will be happening during the summer, some roofing, doors etc., but the bulk of the work will start in September 2018, including new additions. They will, of course, take into consideration student and staff safety. Construction will go on into summer of 2019. The hope is to move into the new additions by August of 2019. The plan is to have everything ready for school to start fall of 2019. ICS will be in the area until 2020 to make sure all bugs are worked out and things are running smoothly.


In-house facilities projects 


H-F head of maintenance, Joe France, will be running some of the smaller projects throughout the district. This will save money by not having to use a consultant. Projects run by France will include gym door replacements, streamlining IT areas, kitchen upgrades, sidewalk repairs, interior door hardware (making it ADA compliant), stage lighting, pool door and numerous other items. 


France told the committee he would like to see all of the projects that need to be done in Finlayson done within the next year. “That way the taxpayer can see what we are spending money on,” said France.


The committee reviewed and discussed the previous schematics that were drawn up during the summer meetings. Ideas and suggestions were discussed and will be taken to the design team to draw up new schematics to be brought to the next meeting. 


The next meeting will be held January 31 at 6:30 p.m. in the H-F high school board room.

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