Finlayson fire department to get new recruits and gear

April 2, 2018

At the March 12 Finlayson City Council meeting, Fire Chief Wyatt Lucht reported that March has been a very quiet month with only three total runs and eight man hours. He also reported the fire department will need to buy three new sets of fire gear as some of theirs are outdated. There are three new recruits that will be completing their training courses very soon and will need current gear. Lucht estimated that buying the new, up-to-code gear could cost as much as $12,000, noting that the fire suits are custom measured to the individual. Lucht said that he would like to get more cost information and would bring it back to next month’s meeting.

City Administrator Nicole Bjorklund gave an update on the liquor store. For February, Bjorklund reported the liquor store’s revenue was up $9,000 compared to 2017. Overall, they had a net income of $5,000. She added they will be having karaoke for two nights in March and have scheduled a band for St. Urho’s Day. They anticipate the holiday will be very busy, and Bjorklund noted they have five people scheduled to work that day, so they should be able to handle the extra crowd.

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