New HFHS floor plans approved

April 2, 2018

Floor plans for the new additions at Hinckley-Finlayson High School and Hinckley Elementary were approved by the school board at the regular meeting last Monday.

Brandon Kellerman, senior project manager from ICS Consulting, Inc., updated the board on the floor plans. Kellerman said there could still be more changes on the final plans, but overall this was the design they would be going with.

At the high school, the fitness center could be accessed without entering the school. The nurses station would also be in this addition. 

Concessions were moved to the very top of the basketball arena. There would be room for two full basketball courts if the bleachers were moved out. If one court was used, there would be seating for 1,100 people.

The second floor of the addition would include space for three community education offices, mechanical rooms and the FirstLight fitness area, including a walking track, around the court. On the outside, there will be a spot for visiting teams to park, unload and access the athletic corridor without walking through the school.

Kellerman was asked if the walking track was a definite and he said it was "99 percent" certain. Kellerman, the school district and the construction firm are still talking about naming details with FirstLight.

"We have a nice round figure of $1 million on the cost," Kellerman said.

Kellerman said the fitness center would be owned by the school district, but there would be a shared use agreement with FirstLight. Still to be determined is who would supervise. FirstLight would have one supervisor, and for sports-related use, a coach could supervise. The cost of a health membership would be up to FirstLight.

Both the high school and elementary school would have buzzers by which the students or community would enter the school, Kellerman said.

At the elementary school, two early elementary rooms would be constructed on the front with an addition on the back. In the budget is a separate line item to construct a bathroom in one of the kindergarten rooms. Two of the kindergarten rooms have bathrooms, while one does not.

Kellerman said another meeting was planned with the core planning group. Despite being two weeks behind, he said he was still planning for a May bid opening, with construction starting in September, following the 14-week state review process.

High school principal Brian Masterson chaired the meeting in the absence of Rob Prater, who was attending the sub-section boys' basketball tournament, a game which the Jaguars won. Board members were even updated a couple times during the game on how the boys were doing.

In other business, the board also approved kitchen upgrades totaling $52,527 and door replacements totaling $23,694. In a separate action, the board also approved the Hinckley Knights' request for $25,000 in upgrades at Brennan Field to complete redevelopment of restrooms, grandstand siding and grandstand repairs. Jodie Storlie abstained from this vote.

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