Brennan chosen Grand Marshal for 2018 Corn & Clover parade

Dennis Brennan has lived in Hinckley his whole life. He had been involved with the Hinckley Knights since his bat boy days of 1961. This is one of the reasons the Hinckley Area Chamber of Commerce chose Dennis to be the Grand Marshal for the 2018 Corn and Clover Parade. 

One could say that baseball runs in Dennis’ blood. In 1923, his grandfather, James Brennan, was one of the founding members of the Minnesota Baseball Association, taking the train to St. Paul for meetings. Brennan field is named for him. He was the first president of the Association, elected in 1926, and held the position until his death in 1941. “He never knew the current field as it is now exists,” said Dennis.

In 1961, Dennis started as a bat boy for the Hinckley Knights. In 1966, he signed his first contract to play for them. He has been with the organization until his retirement this year. Dennis has held many positions within the organization, played from 1966-2006, managed three different times (1989-94, 2002-06 and 2011-12) and then became treasurer for the Hinckley Athletic Association. Following in his grandfather and father’s footsteps, Dennis still serves on the Minnesota Baseball Association board. He has been on the board for 28 years. 

Dennis graduated from Hinckley High School in 1970. He played baseball throughout his high school career, spending five years on the varsity team. He later spent 17 years as coach of the high school team.

Baseball has kept him busy throughout the summer for many years. Working with the Knights has filled his summer. It has taken up every weekend from July through Labor Day. “It’s getting to where it’s a different summer for me,” said Dennis. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it.”

When asked what his thoughts were when he found out he was nominated to be this year’s Grand Marshal, Dennis said with chuckle, “The first question out of my mouth was “˜Why?’” He humbly said it was an honor he never expected. 

Dennis can be found, as he has been for the last 10 years, at the Final Score on Main Street. The Final Score will be hosting a bean bag tournament Saturday afternoon during the carnival.


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