Northview Bank buys old creamery building: construction slated for 2019

September 24, 2018


Northview Bank has purchased the old Hinckley Co-operative Creamery Building on Highway 61. The plans for the building are to create a new Northview location on the site. A quick inquiry to the Hinckley Fire Museum revealed much about the long history of creameries in Hinckley. Jeanice Moffatt with the Fire Museum found a chronological history of Hinckley Creameries in a book by Lee Guptill. This book was produced by painstakingly combing through copies of old newspapers, the Enterprise and the Hinckley News.


The history of creameries in Hinckley begins long before the building of the Co-operative Creamery. Beginning in 1898 and spanning until 1978 with few gaps, the chronology by Guptill reveals much about the long standing part that creameries and dairy production played in the life of Hinckley. Several other creameries were created, managed, and sold or dissolved before the construction of the building now owned by Northview Bank on Highway 61 was even thought of in 1917. Multiple building fires and competing interests resulted in a convoluted history of creameries within the city. With several named creameries in operation even after the construction of the Co-operative Creamery, finding information about just one building and operation is difficult, but this difficulty reveals the importance of creameries and dairy production to Hinckley during the time frame included in the chronology. 

As for the building on the future site of the Northview Bank in Hinckley, construction was completed sometime in 1917, with additions being added in 1923 then again in 1931. In 1952, all other creameries in Hinckley seem to have been bought out by Land O'Lakes and the Hinckley Co-operative Creamery. Florence Lyseth, a Board Member for the Hinckley Fire Museum, remembers bringing milk there to be processed starting in 1955. The Co-operative Creamery Building was in full operation until roughly 1978, when it became a milk collection point and no longer an operational creamery. 

Although not in full operation for 40 years, the Co-operative Creamery building has long been a part of the landscape of Hinckley. With plans for demolition and construction of a new bank building on the site slated to begin soon, taking a moment to remember the history of the building and the importance of the dairy industry to Hinckley is key. Board Members at the Fire Museum are interested to see how artifacts from the old building are planned to be incorporated into the new building. 

Paula Diaz, the CFO of Northview Bank, answered a few questions about the bank purchasing the Co-operative Creamery Building. Construction on the building starts early in 2019. The construction process is planned to take six to nine months. There is no planned grand reopening as of now. A sizable market share, limited interior space, parking and the lack of options to expand the existing facility are all reasons for the planned move. Diaz wanted customers to know they need to do little to prepare for the move. "We have experienced an overwhelming demand to serve our customers in Hinckley and we expect to continue our pattern of growth by providing exceptional customer service and being a big part of the Hinckley Community. The move should be seamless for our customers." Northview has no plans for their current building after the move.




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